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FXtra, Inc. has been serving the business community since 1997 with these great services:

  • Web Design, Development and Maintenance.
  • Computer Based Training (CBT).
  • Web Hosting.
  • In-House and Web-Based Training.
  • Office automation consultation.
  • Software Development.
  • Technical Consulting.

Our professional services can save your business time and expense.  Call for a free consultation today.



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FXtra, Inc. is far more than just a web design company.  As IS/IT consultants we are prepared to elevate your business image both on and off the Internet.  Let us help you identify how your business can benefit and prosper in the new Millennium.  We're truly a "full service provider."


Experience Counts


We have served and found solutions for businesses that range in size from home businesses and small retail outlets to city governments.  We've even been asked to help our competition... and we did!  Our experience as well as reasonable rates has made us a leading choice in a highly competitive field.


No Charge, No Risk



We'll be happy to evaluate your needs.  Just give us a call, there's no charge and no risk.


Can the Web Really Help Us?



There literally is no business that cannot benefit from a web presence.  The first goal of any business being visible to a potential customer.  If you have waited for any reason to establish your presence, then you've waited too long.  Our experience can produce an effective web for you without draining your advertising budget.


"In this day and age, businesses don't have to have deep pockets to afford a web presence maintained by a known and reputable company.  Neither do they have to be national in breadth to benefit.


Potential customers, who let the Internet do their legwork, are likely finding the competition of the prim donnas who are lacking in a web presence."


-Marcus Bridwell


The Internet is more than a "Yellow Pages" directory



Allowing potential customers to locate your business through the Internet is only one of the many potential assets of a website.  Dependent on the type of business your physical location conducts and your business objectives, there are many aides that can actually reduce your physical locations operational costs or literally conduct sales transactions with customers who would never enter your physical store.  In some instances, there are businesses that are, for all practical purposes, virtual with no physical retail location.  Take a look at a few of the "other" ways your business may benefit from the Internet.


  • Provide detailed service and/or product information:   Conventional ad space, radio and TV spots are expensive.  If you currently utilize such, GREAT!  However, how much information can you offer.  If you are effective in garnering a prospects attention,  Offering the prospect more detailed information online will help answer their questions without tying up your or your sales staff time on the phone.
  • Expand your sales area:  Many forms of local businesses can benefit from broadening their service and/or product sales area from local to region, national or even international customers.  Thus, the Internet, can provide customers, otherwise unattainable without extensive and cost prohibitive advertising campaigns.
  • Provide instant online sales:  Most products and some services can be offered online.  Regardless if you deal with one or many products, you can move your point-of-sales online.
  • Front-end your customer service department:  Most questions asked about a product or service are literally the same ones from different customers.  A website can make "frequently asked questions" (FAQ's), readily and easily obtainable.  Thus, saving your or your customer service  department' s valuable personnel time.
  • Process automation:  Coming up with unique solutions to conserve your man-hour resources.  Processes that can be automated can reduce material and personnel expenses.  FXtra, can go the extra mile and locate processes in your business that lend well to automation.



Take the Pain out of Promoting
Pain Relief for Your Buisness

FXtra regards your business image as your most important asset.  Our goal is to insure a positive perception of your business with both returning customers and new prospects alike.  Some of the areas in which we can help you promote your products and or services are:

  • Through better branding.
  • By establishing or boosting your business presence on the Internet.
  • By establishing more efficient methods of customer support.
  • By making your primary services and/or products information immediately available.
  • By creating national sales through E-Commerce.

These are just a few of the critical areas we can address to help improve your business image, efficiency and sales.  Contact Us today to learn more about how we can help your business thrive.


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